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Today I will be sharing my Hair Regimen and tips on how I was able to retain length despite coloring my natural hair, I hope you find these tips helpful and also feel free to share this Blogpost with a friend or anyone that might find it Beneficial!

Alright let’s get started, so I have been natural now for about 1 year and 8 months hint.. this is my second big chop {lets just say the second time around is a charm}.

My hair regimen is very simple yet effective; the number one key to retaining length is “MOISTURE”; I can not stress it enough how important it is to keep your hair moisturize. Moisture keeps the hair from drying and becoming brittle which will eventually cause breakage.

What is the importance of conditioning?
Conditioning your hair is extremely important because it provides the hair strands with the proper moisture it needs in order for the hair to remain strong and fight against possible breakage.

What are some of the best Conditioning methods that can be used on Natural Hair?
There are several methods out there that you ladies can use as a conditioning process in order to bring back and seal moisture into the hair. Some of the following are Hot oil, Pree-poo, leave-in conditioners, Co-wash etc. Hot oil treatment and Pre-poo are the two conditioning methods that have become a staple to my hair regimen here’s why!

Hot Oil Treatment
Ladies, Hot oil treatment has lots of great benefits, one of the most pressing reason is the restoration of moisture balance it brings to the hair. Hot oil moisturizes and nourishes the scalp which helps increase blood circulation and prevent split ends which later leads to hair growth. Giving yourself hot oil treatments regularly is one of the best ways to nurse dry, brittle hair back to the health trust me, ladies, it works.

Pre-poo is when you saturate your dry natural hair by applying a moisturizer, oil, hair butter, or a combination of them all. By Pre-pooing your hair, you improve manageability; and manageability aids in detangling, which in turn reduces breakage. Once pre-poo has been applied you can sit under the hair dryer for about 30-45 minutes more or less depending on the state of your hair; if a hair dryer is not easily accessible you can cover your hair with a shower cap I promise it leads to the same result. When the time has expired, rinse and proceed with your cleansing regimen. it’s just that simple!

By implementing the hair care tools listed I guarantee you will start to notice tremendous improvements with your natural hair; I can only share my experience and hope that it was helpful to you! please if you guys have any questions that you would like for me to answer  feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

I went from Kinky Curly to Straight Silky Pressed Hair Click on Video for full view!!!!

Hair color,  Trim & Press by Fatanstik_braiding follow her Instagram account @Fantastik_braiding  in order to get more information. I hope you guys enjoyed this post I will see you on the next one!!!

Xoxo Ann


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